Thursday, November 21, 2019

Relationship Between Buildings Shape And Energy Conservation Essay

Relationship Between Buildings Shape And Energy Conservation - Essay Example Since centuries, humans continued to benefit from unlimited resources of the planet earth while remaining unaware of adverse effects of human intervention on different aspects of human lives. However, since few decades, a huge number of countries have shown their concern regarding the issue of energy conservation that now poses threats and risks to human lives adversely. In order to save the planet, experts (Williams, pp. 23-25, 2002) now believe that besides creating advanced technologies for zero emissions, it has now become very imperative that construction industry should incline towards sustainable designs and shapes of buildings that play a crucial role in conserving energy largely. For this reason, energy conservation has now become one of the foremost priorities of architects, builders, and other stakeholders in the building industry that are now putting efforts to acquire sustainable shapes of buildings for the highest conservation of the energy. From this perspective, the p roposed research will be a minute contribution in the series of such efforts.Research StatementIn this regard, the proposed research will focus on the following purpose statement:â€Å"To analyze the relationship between Buildings’ Shapes/Designs and Energy Conservation†Research QuestionsIn particular, the proposed study will focus on the following research questions:ïÆ' ¼What is Energy Conservation?ïÆ' ¼What falls under the category of buildings’ shapes?

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