Thursday, February 27, 2020

HRM Assignment 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HRM Assignment 2 - Essay Example The study has described various internal and external forces which influence organisations to change. It has further discussed about different resistances to change management and the consequences of failing to the organisational changes. Therefore, a particular change management model has been elaborated to recommend different ways of managing resistances. A typical organisation generally faces a number of forces which influences their organisational changes. These forces can generate from different external sources as well as internal sources of the organisation (Harsh, 2011). Internal forces for change generally come from the different operations of any organisation. Different kind of internal forces for change can generate from managerial behaviours and human resources problems (Harsh, 2011). a) Managerial behaviour: Excessive conflict and disagreement within a team and their manager is a sign for the requirement of change. This type of team needs to undergo interpersonal skill trainings. The team members as well as their superiors need to be relocated to different departments to reduce the conflict (Harsh, 2011). B) Human resources problems: This kind of problem generally initiates from the differences between organisational and individual desires and expectations. Differences between the expectations of management and employees can cause dissatisfaction within the employees which further results in higher turnover rate and absenteeism (Armenakis and Bedeian, 1999). Changes in career design are required in this kind of situation to minimize the role conflict and ambiguity within the employees (Harsh, 2011). There are mainly four external forces which influence the need of change in any organisation such as demographic characteristics, market changes, pressures from political and social issues and technological advancement (Harsh, 2011). a) Demographic characteristics: A huge section of

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